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Information for teachers of English

Dear Sir / Madam,

Thank you for your interest in teaching English in the Czech Republic.

Our Agency (Academic Information Agency) assists people interested in teaching English in the Czech Republic to find teaching posts mainly at primary and secondary state schools. We are not able to arrange for a position at a university or for teaching other subjects than the English language.

Most of the teaching positions are at schools in smaller towns of our Republic. The possibility of obtaining a teaching post in Prague is very limited.

Teachers are required to take up their post for the whole school year (September 1 to June 30). During this time there are two longer school holidays – around Christmas and the New Year (about 10 days) and one week of Spring holidays (in February or March). There are also six individual State holidays during the school year.

A few job openings may also occur during the school year, mainly at the half-term (January / February). Teachers starting to teach during the course of the school year will be expected to stay until the end of the term. There is no possibility to arrange for a short-term teaching position during the school year. Similarly, we cannot help you to obtain a teaching post at summer courses, as we do not handle these.

For teaching at primary and secondary schools we need experienced teachers. Professional teachers are preferred. All candidates are required to have a college or university-level degree, preferably in English or in a related field. Additional qualification in teaching English as a foreign language (e.g. RSA TEFL Certificate) is necessary for applicants who are graduates of courses in non-related subjects. Previous experience in teaching English in a classroom setting is greatly welcomed. High motivation is expected. These applicants will be given priority.

A primary school teacher as well as a secondary school teacher is expected to teach approximately 24 hours per week. The age of primary school pupils is from 6 to 15 (they usually start to learn a foreign language from the 4th grade – e.g. at the age of 10.) The age of secondary school students is from 15 to 19. When they enter secondary school some of them may already have a basic knowledge of English from primary school. However, some are beginners because learning English is not obligatory at primary schools. The students are divided into smaller groups according to their level of knowledge.

The textbooks commonly used at our schools will be provided.

Teachers from abroad are not expected to speak Czech. They teach mostly conversation classes, but some schools, which do not have a Czech teacher of English, may require their teacher also to teach grammar.

Foreign teachers receive a salary according to the same principles as Czech teachers – approx. 15 - 25,000 Czech crowns per month before taxes and deduction of mandatory medical and social insurance payments. While the salary is sufficient for living in the Czech Republic, it will not be enough, for example, to travel around Western Europe.

Teachers must pay their own travel expenses to and from the Czech Republic. Most schools will, however, provide transportation to their location after your arrival in the Czech Republic if agreed upon in advance. Public transportation in our country is very good, with a wide network of buses and trains connecting almost every town and village.

Accommodation, which is generally scarce, will be arranged for by the school. It should be reasonably priced or free of charge. The housing depends on the local possibilities and is usually quite simple and suitable mostly for one person, for example a small furnished flat, a room with toilet and bath facilities in a dormitory or accommodation with a Czech family. There is no possibility to arrange accommodation for a whole family or a family house. Schools can usually afford to employ only one teacher from abroad. This is why it is very difficult to place two friends or a married couple together at one location.

Schools will help the teacher to get acquainted with the new surroundings. Most schools offer inexpensive meals in their school canteens.

Kindly send us your CV (if you haven’t done so already) for information on your qualifications and teaching experience.
Our agency supplies a list of applicants for English teaching positions (with their addresses, telephone, fax or E-mail numbers and brief information about their education and previous experience in teaching English) to secondary/high schools and to primary schools with extended language teaching. Please note that you may receive offers from several schools. Most schools will, however, contact more applicants in the first round and then, on the bases of closer direct contact, select what they consider to be the best offer. Therefore we suggest that you reply to each of the offers made to you as soon as possible. The school contacts the applicant directly and together they discuss all questions of the future work contract. The contract is then signed between the respective school and the applicant.

Foreign citizens seeking any kind of employment in the Czech Republic who are nationals of:

  1. countries that are members of the European Union can be employed on the same conditions as Czech nationals (e.g. do not need a work permit or a special visa)

  2. countries that are not members of the European Union must gain a work permit and a Visa for a Stay over 90 days (Long-Term Visa). These documents must be obtained in advance before arrival in the Czech Republic. 

Please read carefully detailed information on this aspect included under separate cover.

We hope our agency will be able to help you to obtain a teaching position at one of the Czech schools. Thank you again for your offer to teach in the Czech Republic.

Sincerely yours

Karla Benesova

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